Finishing Touches Makeup
With modern day beauty culture embracing organic, chemical free alternatives, it was inevitable that mineral cosmetics would have a massive impact on the cosmetics world. Saying that, not all minerals are created equal. It's the purity of Krush Minerals that make it so different from others. No fillers, talc, bismuth oxychloride, parabens, artificial fragrance, colors, or other harsh chemicals. Just pure, opulent unadulterated colour.

Many so called mineral cosmetics contain fillers, have very little mineral content, and still contain other harmful chemicals. Why would you choose that for your skin?

Vani-T Krush Minerals are made from 100% minerals in their purest form, giving you a flawless airbrushed finish, unlike anything you've experienced in conventional makeup

Krush Minerals superior formulation uses micronized light reflecting minerals giving the most luminous complexion imaginable. A natural alternative to chemical makeup, our mineral cosmetics contain NO harsh chemical additive,s talc, fillers, fragrance, synthetic colours or FD&C dyes. Just pure unadulterated colour. So pure you can sleep in it!

The benefits are truly amazing for all skin types and age groups.

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Let our qualified make-up artists show you how to apply it correctly or kick back and let them do it for you.

Make-up $85
Student formal makeup $50
Trial $50
Tuition $80
Make-up price is adjusted to $45 with any purchase of three or more products from the Vanity makeup range.