Since 2002 Beaute on the Mall has been treating clients with Variable Pulse Light or (VPL). It is a non-invasive and non-ablative treatment that uses high intensity pulses of visible light to improve the appearance of the skin, treat specific skin concerns and or remove or reduce hair. It targets the lower layers of the skin (dermis) without effecting the top layer (epidermis).

It is a perfect choice for treating all forms of sun damage, reddened faces, ageing skin concerns and of course hair removal needs and ingrown hairs.

We use different coloured light to target different concerns as each colour has its own specific wavelength. These waves are converted to heat energy which causes a controlled response exactly where it is required. Effectiveness is further enhanced with our Ultra Energist system and highly trained senior Skin Therapists.

Most skin concerns receive optimal results with fewer treatments needed when combined with the correct home skin care. Your skin therapist will discuss this further with you at your VPL consultation.

A consultation is necessary and will require an appointment to be made which we ask you to allow us around 30 minutes of your time. It is here we gather your notes on your general health and any contraindications. We will do a skin review where we will discuss your concerns and your goals.

It is also during this consult that we are able to give you an exact quotation on the treatment that you will decide on if we haven’t already done so.

Definite contraindications (not viable) to this treatment will be pregnancy, epilepsy, and sunburn in the area to be treated. Also the current use of certain medications that may make your skin susceptible to sun burn or sensitivity such as acne medications. In order for hair to be removed/reduced it must contain pigment and cannot not be blond or grey.

As hair grows in stages, more than one treatment is needed before a significant change is noticed. Follicles must have hair in them in order for the energy to travel down the shaft therefore we ask that there is no waxing at least 4 weeks before treatment. Shaving is allowed.