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Typically hard to diagnose, sensitive skin is an increasing concern for women in Western society. The skin is exposed on a daily basis to a number of stress elements including pollution, smoke, dust, cold, wind, sun exposure, UV radiation etc. These are all elements that start to break down the skin's barriers, which heighten the skin's risk of being sensitised.

How Ella Bachè's SensiBeautics Works
  • Delivers immediate soothing & calming benefits by reducing the inflammation of the skin.
  • Reinforces, repairs and balances the skin's natural ecoflora defences.
  • Provides an anti-irritation shield to help reduce irritations and improve comfort.
  • Inhibits hyper-reactivity to sensitisers, improving tolerance to environmental aggressors and reducing sensation sensitivity.
  • Normalises and strengthens micro-capillary structure reducing redness to even the complexion.

The three core products in Ella Bachè's SensiBeautics Range are:
  • SensiBeautics Daily Resistance Cream 50ml $95.00 - A soothing and comforting cream that helps even out the skin's complexion, reducing redness to improve comfort and provide long-lasting resilience.
  • SensiBeautics lntensive Recovery Serum 30ml $105.00 - A treatment serum that helps minimise persistent, unwanted redness. lncreases the skin's tolerance by strengthening the skin's protective barrier and visibly reducing the dilated capillaries.
  • SensiBeautics Rescue Cream 50ml $95.00 - A comforting rescue cream for skin needing an intense calming effect and extreme relief. Helps to increase tolerance and enhance barrier protection.

Key ingredients that combat and target the symptoms of sensitive skin are:
  • ProBioSkin - a combination of pre- and pro-biotics to strengthen the skin's ecoflora, the skin's very first line of defence. Comfort and radiance is increased as a result of fewer irritants.
  • Pro-tolerance Complex - reduces reactivity, sensitivity and sensations of discomfort like burning, itching and tingling. Provides greater comfort by improving the skin's level of tolerance.
  • BrownFlax Seed Extract (Linseed) - dual action: Provides a protective barrier and secondly intenupts the inflammatory response at a high level. Reduces inflammation, redness and improves tolerance to environmental aggressors.
  • Raspberry Seed oil - reduces the effects of oxidative stress on skin by providing an anti-initant shield to strengthen its barrier, rich in vitamin A & E.
  • Wheat Germ Oil- nourishes and moisturises the skin, providing comfort.
  • Glycerin - moisturises and softens the skin.

The SensiBeautics Strengthening Facial Treatment has been specifically designed for the most sensitive skins. A luxurious treatment for skin needing intense calming, increased tolerance and enhanced barrier protection. Even Cornplexion Massage drains away toxins and relaxes the soul while sensitivity is treated with our exclusive active ingredients ProBioSkin and Pro-tolerance Complex. Redness is reduced, complexion evened, resistance strengthened.

(75 min) $145


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