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A new and innovative skincare range from Paris that delivers hydration and moisture to dehydrated skin.

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Ella Bachè introduces Hydra, a new and innovative skincare range from Paris that delivers hydration and moisture to dehydrated skin. The Hydra range of products is beautiful and light weight with refreshing floral fragrances. Hydra uses a unique two phase action that combines water and energy to improve skin hydration, saturating the skin in moisture and leaving the skin with a plump, dewy and youthful complexion!

Hydra uses water loving ingredients to stimulate the two phase action. The first phase in the process fights dehydration; water inductors fructose and hydraline increase and maintain the moisture level in the skin's surface, soaking the skin cells in moisture and increasing the skin's capacity to retain moisture. The second phase uses energy inductors vine flower cells and yeast extract to stimulate and nourish the skin cells to trigger their own energy production and produce their own hydration.

There are six products in the range, which makes it suitable for all skin types. There are three moisture protectives which can be chosen according to skin type and also adapted to the client's preference with texture.
  1. Hydra-Revitalising lntensive Booster is an intensive serum that helps replenish lost moisture and reduce fine lines, Ieaving skin bursting with moisture. Immediately saturates the skin for a plump, smooth, dewy complexion. 20ml $69.
  2. Hydra-Revitalising Repair Balm is an intense skin repair balm that glides on and treats the most dehydrated zones of the face and body by bathing the skin with moisture. Ideal for treating dehydration caused by extreme climate conditions, air conditioning and air travel. 75ml $79.
  3. Hydra-Revitalising Fluid Cream is a light moisturising fluid cream that quickly absorbs into the skin leaving a shine free finish. lmproves the skin's texture and smooths fine dehydration lines. Skin is left plumped and glowing. Ideal for normal to oily skins and skins that prefers a lighter cream. 50ml $96.
  4. Hydra-Revitalising Creme de la Crdme is a rich, ultra-comforting and plumping moisturising cream that guards against environmental conditions to protect dry skin from dehydration. It will dramatically improve the skin's texture, smooth fine dehydration lines and have it glowing with vitality. Ideal for dry skins. 50ml $105.
  5. Hydra Smoothing Velvet Cream is a velvety smooth light textured moisturising cream that melts into skin, providing long-lasting hydration and leaves the skin looking plumped and lustrous. lmproves skin's texture and smooths fine dehydration lines. Ideal for dry to normal skin. 50ml $100.

(75 min) $135


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