Great Tanning Range now with Next-To-No' Odour

A technologically advanced innovation in tanning

Leading the beauty market in product innovation, Ella Bachè introduces an odour neutralilsing technology to the Great Tanning Range - developed right here in Australia. Hailed by its devotees as one of the most fabulous self-tan ranges on the market, Ella Bachè's new tanning range boasts the same great golden tan performance, now with next-to-no-odour!

How does Nextto-No Odour work?

After years of research and extensive trialling, Ella Bachè has developed a technology that reduces the tell-tale tan odour. This has been developed into an odour reducing system that blocks part of the olfactory receptors to reduce the ability to detect odour without affecting its classic colour that we've all grown to love.

The infamous tell-tale tan odour is a result of a chemical reaction between the DHA and the amino acids in the skin. As every skin and sense of smell differs, this affects each person differently. This newly formulated tanning range significantly reduces the tan odour during development, leaving a refreshing, light fragrance on the skin.

Ella Bachè continues to evolve its product formulas so that it can offer the best tan on the market. The Great Moussetan formula is now silkier and smoother than ever which makes it easy to apply and with no streaks. The rich brown mousse develops into a natural attractive tan without a trace of orange.

Ella Bachè is dedicated to protecting skin, recommending staying out of the sun or wearing Great 30+ Sun Gare products every day.....that means no tanning! This newly formulated next- to-no-odour Tanning Range is highly effective, with each product specifically formulated to offer maximum skin benefits. While most self-tans dry out the skin, Ella Bachè self-tans are enriched with moisturising ingredients such as Cocoa butter as well as anti-oxidants such as Green Tea extracts to keep skin soft, supple and beautifully glowing; achieving a totally natural looking golden tan that lasts for days.

Say goodbye to pasty skin any time of the year, with the newly reformulated Ella Bachè Great Tanninfi Range, now with next-to-no-odour. Achieve instant golden tan with no mess and virtually no smell!

For skin good enough to eat.

Great Tan without Sun $40
Great Facetan without Sun $40
Great Moussetan $44
Great Sunkiss $44

Full Body (including face) $65
Full Leg $45